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Arcane - The Gaming Community Theme

Arcane gives you the power to create massive gaming communities. Users can create teams and tournaments and challenge each others, keeping track of the matches, share content and much more!

Arcane - The Gaming Community ThemeArcane - The Gaming Community ThemeArcane - The Gaming Community ThemeArcane - The Gaming Community Theme

Please note: UBERMENU and LAYERSLIDER plugins are not included, they need to be purchased separately.

Main features:

  • Tournament system! Easily create and manage tournaments between teams and users
  • Team war system: Create and manage team matches and tournaments
  • Users can create and manage teams
  • Predefined page layout for clans for easy creation
  • Full buddypress support, create your own community!
  • Page builder powered by Visual Composer
  • One click install
  • WooCommerce support
  • Parallax blocks
  • Video blocks
  • Animated images and icons
  • WPML Ready
  • Translate ready – .po files included
  • Rating System , widget included
  • bbPress ready, create your own community!
  • Fully responsive design
  • Unlimited colours
  • Upload your own backgrounds
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 Styling
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Build using the latest Bootstrap
  • Powered by Theme barracks with extensive options:
    • Typography options
    • Unlimited colours
    • Upload your own backgrounds
    • Jquery page slider turn on/off option
    • Blog options
    • Seo options
    • Footer options
    • Social media options
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Seo ready
  • Extensive documentation file
  • Support forum

Need help? Visit our Support Forum

I offer theme support via our support forum. If you have any problems or if you find a bug/error, please post them there. I will NOT be able to answer any questions regarding support in the comments. (

Arcane - The Gaming Community Theme

Please note: the images that can be seen in the preview images will not be included in the download. These are for preview purposes only.

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Update History

Current version: 2.6.2

November 20th, 2018

 - Tournament start date fix /tmp-tournament-single.php  - Remove AddThis script 

November 11th, 2018

 - Fixed access to tournament page for non admins /tmp-tournament-single.php  - Fixed problem with iframe not showing in page /functions.php  - Fixed issue with BP function when plugin not active /functions.php 

November 9th, 2018
 - Various css fixes /css/main.css  - Fixed error with team creation on mobile /css/main.css  - Fixed issue with timezone for single match in back end /addons/team-wars/wp-teamwars.php  - Captcha showing in reset password page when disabled fixed /page-user-lost-password.php  - Added first 3 winners to prizes table /functions.php /addons/wp-teamwars/wp-teamwars.php  - Added Twitch and YouTube channels to user profile /functions.php  - Fixed issue with dates and restart tournaments /functions.php  - Fixed issue with tournaments and different date formats /js/tournament-scripts.js  - Removed tournament options for Subscriber role /header.php /tmp-tournament-single.php  - Fixed php notices /header.php /functions.php  - Fixed issue with team owner change /functions.php  - Added value to score submitted by /addons/team-wars-wp/team-wars.php  - Fixed issue with updating user profile /buddypress/members/single/member-header.php  - Localization updated - Instructions updated - Plugins updated 

August 30th, 2018

 **PLEASE NOTE THIS IS CRITICAL UPDATE** *Delete all theme related plugins before theme update*  - Added different style for "TBD" in League and Round robin /css/main.css /tournament_types_plugin  - Submit score fields are set to numeric values /js/global.js /addons/team-wars/js/matches.js  - Fixed responsiveness of brackets  /css/main.css  - Fixed issue with menu dragging in back end /css/admin.css  - increased game size icon in single tournament page /css/main.css /tmp-tournament-single.php  - Fixed email modal when logging in with social accounts for the first time /css/main.css  - Fixed bugs with BuddyPress Noveau /css/buddypress.css /css/main.css  - Fixed map countable error /tmp-tournament-single.php   - Functions are now plugable /functions.php /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php  - Fixed deprecated usage of create_function for latest PHP version /widgets /addons/team-wars/wp-teamwars.php  - Added free premium option in user settings /tmp-tournament-single.php /functions.php  - Added different filters for tournament carousel /widgets/tournament_carousel/tournament_carousel.php  - Deprecated live js functions removed /js/tournament-scripts.js  - Tournament tab in user profile will now show only user tournaments /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php  - Added pending premium when user buys premium access /tmp-tournament-single.php /widgets/tournament_carousel/tournament_carousel.php /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php  - Added time limit and expiry date for premiums  /functions.php /tmp-tournament-single.php /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php /widgets/tournament_carousel/tournament_carousel.php  - Fixed issue with matches time /addons/team-wars/wp-teamwars.php  - Added option to edit tos sentence in registration page /page-user-registration.php  - Fixed issue with author role and back end access /functions.php  - Added tournament type filter in tournaments block /functions.php /vc.php /vc_templates/vc_tournaments.php  - Added game mode filed in tournaments (it can be set in theme options) /tmp-tournament-single.php /options-config.php /single-tournament.php /addons/tournaments/extended-functions.php /js/tournament-scripts.js  - Fixed issue with BP avatars and social log in /functions.php  - Fixed blank name for round robin in tournament carousel /widgets/tournament_carousel/tournament_carousel.php  - Fixed game banner not showing when game has double dot in name /functions.php /vc-templates/vc_team_games.php  - Fixed bug with comments in match page /short-comments-matches.php  - Fixed menu issue with custom links /addons/icon_addon/icon_addon.php  - Added date format in tournament page /js/tournament-scripts.js /functions.php /tmp-tournament-single.php  - Fixed issue where normal player can remove team from tournament /tmp-tournament-single.php  - Fixed issue with privacy policy being off  /functions.php /js/global.js  - Added child theme - Plugins updated -Translation files updated - Various css fixes  

July 7th, 2018

 - Fixed Woo image sizes /functions.php  - Fixed styling issue with tournament blocks and carousel /css/main.css  - Fixed text color in Woo checkout /css/main.css  - Added latest Fontawesome icons to menu /addons/icon_addon/icon_addon.php  - Fixed issue with premium button in RTL /css/rtl.css  - Fixed VC icons in back end /css/admin.css  - Fixed rating colors /post-rating.php  - Added email in social options /header.php /footer.php /options-config.php  - Avatar fixed when logging in with Steam /css/main.css  - Fixed bug with team deletion /js/footer-ajax-calls.js  - Bug with team/user in tournament carousel fixed /widgets/tournament_carousel/tournament_carousel.php  - Added GDPR support /header.php /js/global.js /functions.php /short-comments.php /short-comments-blog.php /short-comments-matches.php /short-comments-other.php  - Padlock background removed when register and sign in is off /header.php /css/main.css  - Fixed time bug when changing time in back end /addons/team-wars/wp-teamwars.php  - Fixed bug with exclamation mark when no notifications /header.php  - Translation strings updated  - Plugins updated 

May 24th, 2018

 - Fixed Woo checkout page /css/main.css  - Fixed issue with blog isotope /js/global.js  - Fixed icon issue when Ubermenu disabled /addons/icon_addon/icon_addon.php  - Fixed issue with score correction from back end /tournament types plugin  - Tournaments block, show all when nothing selected /vc_templates/vc_tournaments.php  - Fixed issue with forum role column in user page /functions.php  - Added option to exit reenter tournament /functions.php /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php  - Fixed issue with accepting score on mobile /js/footer-ajax-calls.js  - Match discussion is not limited to teams that play that match /css/main.css /single-matches.php /short-comments-matches.php  - Fixed issue with accepting users from multiple tabs /functions.php /js/footer-ajax-calls.js  -  Draft teams added to user profile /functions.php /buddypress/members/single/profile.php  - Fixed issue with page refresh and tournament blocks  /functions.php  - Team image is now set as featured (ex. required for Uber menu) /functions.php  - Added notifications for tournament and matches events /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php /functions.php  - Added notification icon outside of profile meni /header.php  - Fixed empty forum notifications /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php  - Fixed user pagination /buddypress/members/members-loop.php  - Fixed issue with VC and multisite /functions.php  - Added captcha patch /header.php /css/main.css /page-user-lostpassword.php  - Minimum users to select when creating tournaments is 3 /tmp-tournament-single.php  - Friendly/official removed from tournament /addons/team-wars/wp-teamwars.php  -  Removed sign up link when registration is disabled /header.php  - Fixed BP latest issue /buddypress/members/single/home.php  - Fixed typo /vc.php  - When username and password empty on login form don't show wp page /functions.php /js/global.js  - UTC time zone bug fixed /functions.php /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php /addons/tournaments/main.php /single-matches.php /tmp-tournament-single.php /addons/team-wars-wp-team-wars.php /addons/tournaments/types/define-knockout.php  - Added 3rd place match in knockout /functions.php /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php  - Added other matches block with fitlers in VC /vc.php /functions.php  - Added all tournaments template page /js/global.js /functions.php /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css /tmp-all-tournaments-page.php  - RTL bug fixed /css/main.css  - Various css fixes. /css 

April 3rd, 2018

 - Obsolete function error fixed /functions.php /header.php /single-team.php /page-user-registration.php /page-user-lost-password.php  - Captcha broken on reset password page fixed /page-user-lost-password.php /css/main.css  - BuddyPress groups styled fixed /css/main.css /css/buddypress.css / buddypress/groups  - Font Awesome icons missing in theme options fixed /css/admin.css  - Theme chooser modal styling fixed /css/main.css 

April 2nd, 2018

 - Fixed date translation in tournament carousel /widgets/tournament_carousel/tournament_carousel.php  - Fixed Join button when user has more than 1 team in tournament carousel /widgets/tournament_carousel/tournament_carousel.php  - Added translation for "To be decided" in tournament brackets  - Fixed issue with translated tournament creation /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php  - VC plugin updated to latest version  - Font Awesome updated to latest version 5 /all_files  - Fixed issue with UberMenu and LayerSlider in demo importer /importer plugin  - Added pagination in matches search in back end /addons/team-wars/wp-teamwars.php  - Fixed issue with captcha infinite loading in comments /short-comments-blog.php /short-comments.php /short-comments-other.php  - Fixed issue with Ladder tournament when user joins after tournament have been started /addons/tournaments/extended-functions.php  - Fixed issue in description and regulations areas in tournament creation page. Now you can add images and links /js/bootstrap3-wysihtml5-custom.js  - Images cropped in members widget /functions.php 

March 5th, 2018

 - Fixed issue with captcha error handling /js/global.js  - Fixed search form placeholder color in Mozilla /css/main.css  - Fixed profile page spacing /css/main.css  - Fixed issue with search filed expanding in Mozilla /js/global.js  - Tooltip fixed in single matches page /single-matches.php  - Fixed date issue on single match and single team pages /single-matches.php /single-team.php  - Added maximum number of participants for tournaments /widgets/tournament_carousel/tournament_carousel.php /addons/tournaments/extended_fuctions.php /tmp-tournament-single.php  - Fixed avatar bug on team page /functions.php  - Fixed issue with post rating /post-rating.php  - Fixed sidebar in Woo pages /woocommerce.php  - Fixed bug in Round Robin tournaments with odd number of teams/users /torunament types plugin  - Fixed bug with scores in matches widget /addons/team-wars/teamwars-widget.php /addons/team-wars/wp-other-matches-widget.php  - Added different filter types for team block /vc.php /vc_templates/vc_teams.php  - Fixed name for round robin tournaments in blocks /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php  - Fixed html for comment form when user not logged in /short-comments-other.php /short-comments-blog.php /css/main.css  - Added home/away rounds in League /torunament types plugin  - Fixed bug with tournament start time for different timezones /single-tournament.php  - Added games filter in team block /vc.php /vc_templates/vc_teams.php  - Added notifications for Ladder challenges /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php /torunament types plugin  - Various css fixes /css/main.css  - Translation file updated 

February 10th, 2018

 - Redux Framework bug fixed (DELETE OLD PLUGIN)  - Multisite dashboard issue fixed /funtions.php  - Back end team creation images bug /functions.php  - Gamer role permissions patched /functions.php  - Translation file updated 

January 19th, 2018

 - Fixed issue with Woo cart /header.php  - Theme update plugin repacked  - Captcha not valid error on log in fixed /functions.php  - Woo product category image upload fixed /js/admin.js  - Owl carousel by section switched to display name /addons/wp-owl-carousel/wp-owl-carousel.php  - Category color issue fixed /header.php /functions.php /blog-roll.php /rating.php /post-rating.php /post-rating-num.php /vc_templates/vc_column_news_horizontal.php /vc_templates/vc_column_news_tabbed.php /vc_templates/vc_column_news.php /widgets/rating/popular-widget.php /widgets/latest_posts/latest_posts.php /addons/wp-owl-carousel/wp-owl-carousel.php 

January 15th, 2018

 - Fixed double join message in single tournament page /js/tournament-scripts.js  - Fixed double cart bug in header /header.php  - Fixed redux installation bug /functions.php  - Added notifications for: Match request - to other team admin Match accepted - to the challenging team admin Member request to join team - to the team admin Member accepted - to the person joining once accepted Match results submitted - to the other team so they can accept / reject + to tournament admin once accepted Tournament join - notify Tournament admin there is team wanting to join a tournament Tournament join accepted - notify team when they are accepted to join a tournament Tournament leave - notify Tournament admin is a team leaves a tournamen /functions.php /addons/tournaments/extended_functions.php /tmp-tournament-single.php /js/tournament-scripts.js  - Added auto theme update support /functions.php /plugins  - Various design fixes /css/main.css  - Fixed problem with extended profile image upload /functions.php  - Captcha plugin replaced /functions.php /js/global.js /page-user-registration.php /page-user-lost-password.php 

January 9th, 2018

 - Release 

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