Extretion – WordPress Directory Theme

Extretion - WordPress Directory Theme Extretion - WordPress Directory Theme

Extretion – Hotel / Room Directory WordPress Theme

Extretion is a Hotel / Room listing WordPress directory that helps you to create, manage and publish listings. User can login and create their profile and manage listings from front-end. If you are looking for a site like airbnb.com or booking.com, this is the theme for you.

Predefined Post Types

  1. Sliders
  2. Rooms
  3. FAQ’s
  4. Testimonials
  5. Guides
  6. Invoices

Front end submission

Theme has front-end submission system for authenicated users. What does it mean? Users can post their listings into directory by logging in. They have full featured dashboad with the listings, profile and password management.

Important notes

  • Registered users have subscriber role.
  • There are no agent or company specific registrations.
  • This theme uses Paypal ( Adaptive Payment ) for payments. ( No Woocommerce )

Commission System

For every room booking, site owner will earn some commission.


Room price :- USD 20$ ( Set by user )

Commission rate ( 10% ) :- USD 2$ for USD 20$

So the site owner will earn USD 2$ for every booking.

The commission rate can be defined at the backend.

Change Log

Version 1.2 ( Jan 10, 2017 )
- Added "Charge Extra People?" and refine booking form by calculating "Charge Extra People?" to the per night price
- Added allowed HTML for wp_kses on single page with tab
- Fixed email on billing information
- Fixed scrolling problem on sticky booking sidebar
- Fixed datepicker on booking page when cookie is enable
- Fixed search on map when there is no data
- Removed unused customizer widgets
- Added class on element for postmessage
- Added kirki fields to .php file
- Added import demo options on customizer
- Added email settings sub menu on dashboard
- Removed ACF Options Page from Theme
- Added Kirki for theme options
- Changed text "hotels" to "hosts" on search page and taxonomy page
- Updated data-types-for-listmyhotel.zip
- Updated Documentation

Version 1.1 ( Dec 29, 2016 )
- Added monthly & weekly discount tag on grid and list view.
- Added opacity on "Main Amenities" on single room
- Added <br /> tag on "Room Key Facts" on single room
- Added price section on the "Room Key Facts" on the single page
- Added Availability on the room facts on single room page
- Added View Calendar btn on single room
- Updated extretion.pot file

Version 1.0 ( Dec 25, 2016 )
- Initial Release