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WooCommerce Product Zoom Gallery (Click-to-Zoom/Hover-to-Zoom)

WooCommerce Product Zoom is a user-friendly plugin for zooming product images in woocommerce stores. It is very easy to setup and customize. It has a lot of options and great support.

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Features Overview

  • (new)Vertical and Horizontal scrollable galleries!
  • (new)Ability to change thumbnail sizes from admin panel
  • Asynchronous (No delay for users)
  • Easy installation
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Customizable
  • Compatible with most themes
  • Friendly Support

Fully asynchronous with progressive loading

It is a bad user experience when customers have to wait for images to load. WooCommerce Product Zoom provides an asynchronous progressive loading of images. WooCommerce Product Zoom Gallery (Click-to-Zoom/Hover-to-Zoom)

Click-to-zoom version

Our plugin comes with click to zoom version by default. Similar zoom is used by leading e-commerce stores such as

Hover-to-zoom version

Our plugin provides also a hover-to-zoom version.

Multiple zoom positions

WooCommerce Product Zoom Gallery (Click-to-Zoom/Hover-to-Zoom)

Tons of settings

Woocommerce Product Zoom has a lot of customizations available: window position, mobile styling, aspect ratio, etc. etc. We are actively listening to clients’ needs and we are ready to implement more settings and options when needed. WooCommerce Product Zoom Gallery (Click-to-Zoom/Hover-to-Zoom)


We developed completely separate mobile version for our plugin which your users will definitely enjoy. It is high-speed, customizable, and supports majority of mobile devices. WooCommerce Product Zoom Gallery (Click-to-Zoom/Hover-to-Zoom)


We worked hard to make sure our plugin is compatible with most premium themes and plugins. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a compatibility issue

Fast and Friendly Support

We will go the extra mile to make our customers happy.
Do you have an issue wirth the installation? We can install this plugin on your server for you for free.
Need more functionality? We would love to hear your ideas
Have general questions? We usually reply within 24 hours.

WooCommerce Product Zoom Gallery (Click-to-Zoom/Hover-to-Zoom)


WooCommerce Product Zoom Gallery (Click-to-Zoom/Hover-to-Zoom)
 Change Log == 1.2.3 ==     *Fixed*     Images bouncing while loading  == 1.2.2 ==     *Fixed*     Woocommerce 3.1 compatibility  == 1.2.1 ==     *Changed*     Bootstrap themes compatibility.  == 1.2.0 ==     *Fixed*     Dropdown menus fix  == 1.1.9 ==     *Fixed*     Woocommerce 3.1 compatibility  == 1.1.8 ==     *Fixed*     Custom themes html when no standard WooCommerce classes  == 1.1.7 ==     *Added*     Vertical align option.     Fit parent to the main image option.  == 1.1.6 ==     *Fixed*     Mobile Detect redeclaring bug.  == 1.1.5 ==     *Added*     Click-to-zoom/hover-to-zoom toggle.     Close a zoom window by the click outside of image area.     *Fixed*     Better mobile version sizing.  == 1.1.4 ==     *Added*     Thumbnails size setting.  == 1.1.3 ==     *Added*     Cute loader for asynchronous loading ^-^     *Changed*     Mechanism of product variations getting.         *Fixed*     Multiple variations.  == 1.1.2 ==     *Changed*     Better slider design.     Better themes compability.         *Fixed*     Auto turn off the slider.  == 1.1.1 ==     *Added*     Vertical slider for desktop.  == 1.1.0 ==     *Changed*     Slider arrows design.  == 1.0.9 ==     *Added*     Mobile gestures. Now you can view a zoomed image by pan and swipe images in the gallery to scroll.     Disable image caching.  == 1.0.8 ==     *Added*     Our AWESOME Slider. Now you don't need to buy a separate slider!  == 1.0.7 ==     *Added*     Enable/disable zoom on mobiles and tablets.     *Fixed*     Including side-scripts with a correct protocol http/https.     Hide thumbnails till the page is not loaded.     Zoom window position on a pages with a sticky menu.     *Changed*     Name of mobile detection class.  == 1.0.6 ==     *Added*     Check if Mobile Detect script is already included.     *Fixed*     Zoom tips on mobile version.  == 1.0.5 ==     *Fixed*     Fix variable colors support  == 1.0.4 ==     *Added*     Added support for variable colors  == 1.0.3 ==     *Added*     Option 'Plugin templates priority' to protect the plugin template files from overriding by theme.     Help link in admin panel.     *Fixed*     Fix the vertical align - vertical align is controlled by 10-second tick  == 1.0.2 ==     *Changed*     Request the large-size images instead of medium-size     The main image height adjusting considering the parent's width  == 1.0.1 ==     *Added*      Added index.php for better security.     *Changed*      Changes according to WooCommerce and WordPress recommendations.     Settings page moved to WooCommerce->Settings->WooCommerce Product Zoom.     Better admin interface.     *Fixed*      Fix the 'on sale' sticker - now it is above the main product image.     Fix if a product has only main image, the thumbs will be displayed anyway.     Fix main image to not overlay any website elements  == 1.0.0 ==     Initial Release