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Under construction count-down, Extended version


This web program is the extended version of my previous under construction program

( This

version has most of the same features but with cool AJAX and JQuery codes that makes the

program lot more user friendly. And the other big change is, you do not need a database to

run this program on your server successfully!

This program is also compatible for Javascript enable and disable web browsers.

New Features

  • New admin panel design New design supports lot of the real-time AJAX and JQuery animations that are new in this program.
  • Easy percentage complete box very cool and easy to update percentage complete box with up and down button to change values.
  • Better security Admin panel code is not visible to others without correct password. Not even in the source code of the website.
  • AJAX and JQuery Lot of cool ajax+Jquery effects that make this program a seamless experience for admin.
  • No database needed Admin panel is lot faster now without having to

    connect to databases and store variables, instead it store variables in an external

  • Extremely easy set-up I took notes from feedbacks on my previous

    version, and this program is build to implement into your web server in a flash and be ready

    to go in a matter of few minutes. No phpmyadmin hassles!

General Features

  • Javascript animated timer real time count-down timer based on visitors local time.
  • Social media integration Facebook and twitter can be very easily

    integrated into this page for you visitors to see while the website is under

  • Email Validator AJAX driven email validator, that also acts to test correct admin panel password.
  • Sneaky admin panel Email address box acting as the login box for admin, a well disguised way to access the backend of the program.
  • Cross browser compatibility Compatible with all of the currently used web browsers.
  • Easy to customize Contain documentation and photoshop source files to make the customization of this program very easy.

Try out the cool admin panel!

Enter “admin” in the email address box and press “get updates” to get into

the admin panel. * Please note some of the features (social media links, currently

working, and emailing) are disabled to avoid unnecessary user input!


If you have any questions as far as editing, integrating, and customizing the webpage,

please feel free to contact me through envato or you can write me to ashanster[at]


July 16th, 2010 – email bug fixed

Aug 21st, 2010 – admin_switch error fixed

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