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Simple Instagram Downloader

A simple Instagram downloader…

Enter the post ID of the Instagram video or picture and the software will automatically download the video or picture for you.

Can enter a list of Instagram post IDs to download many at once.

Has the option of appending hashtags front on the post to the file name of the mp4 or jpg.

Very simple to use, and will come with free updates when we add more features to this tool in future.


1). Enter a list of the Instagram post IDs (or at least one post ID).

2). Select to append hashtags to the filename (or not to append).

3). Hit the download post button.

4). Videos & Images are saved to your desktop within a folder automatically.

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Last Update 2017-01-25
Created 2017-01-25
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Application Runtime .NET 4
High Resolution No
Compatible OS Versions Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Desktop Windows 8 Metro Windows 10
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