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Quizionic Admin Panel for Quizionic 2 & 3 - New Version

Quizionic Admin Panel for Quizionic 2 & 3 - New Version

Overview v2 – updated Oct 10th, 2017

Quizionic Admin Panel offers a quick edit to create/edit Quizionic2 and Quizionic3 database files easily

This front-end browser app is the perfect complement for: Quizionic2


  Quizionic Admin Panel for Quizionic 2 & 3 - New Version


- WYSWYG interface for editing Quizionic2 & 3 SQLite database files - Works under browser just by accessing www/index.html file. - Load database file from file browser. - Export database file to local folder. - Includes validation rules to ensure correct relational data between Exams, Categories and Question tables - PDF Manual provided with screenshots and examples.

This Quizionic Admin Panel is not compatible with Quizionic 1 version database file.

Version 2

-Built with Ionic 3.7.1
-Supports Quizionic 2 and Quizionic 3 database files
-Load pre-populated database files directly from file explorer, no more hassle to put the database file under cache/database folder of your browser
-Latest Config table parameters included for edition
-Add Export database file

Version 1.3

-Built with Ionic 3.2.0

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Last Update 2018-06-24
Created 2017-05-16
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