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Nice Gallery for WordPress


Nice Gallery is a neat image gallery plugin for WordPress. It offers different possible configurations while still being lightweight and easy to work with.

Here are some of its features:

  • There are over 40 settings available that can be used to configure the gallery in different ways.
    All of the available settings can be previewed in the admin screenshots.
  • The images can have different appearance effects: fade, slide, quick slide, stack and none.
  • The body can be set to have a constant dimension for all images or automatically resize based on the size of the current image.
  • The description can be under the image, on the side of it or can be disabled.
  • The thumbs panel can be under the images, on the side of them or disabled.
  • The arrows can be on the outside or on the inside.
  • It has lightbox functionality included which can be enabled so that images are opened in a bigger view when clicked.
  • It has autoplay support that can be enabled so that images are changed automatically at an interval of time.
  • Keyboard arrows can be used for navigation.
  • It is lightweight. The minified gallery JS file is under 15KB.
  • It is fully responsive.
  • It has cross browser support.
  • It has smooth and fast animations.
  • It is easy to work with and implement.
  • It has continued support.
  • And free updates.

Have a look over the preview page to see the gallery in action.

This is the WordPress plugin version of the gallery. A jQuery plugin version is also available here.


Future updates and developments will be listed here and the files will be free for anyone who has purchased the gallery at any time.

1.1 (05 April 2018):
  • Added lightbox functionality which can be enabled so that images open in a bigger view when clicked.
    There are 7 new settings available, related to the lightbox:
    • Lightbox enabled: If the lightbox functionality should be enabled.
    • Description enabled: If the lightbox should display the image description text.
    • Arrows enabled: If the lightbox should have the prev and next navigation arrows.
    • Hide description: If the lightbox should have the description text hidden by default and shown on mouseover.
    • Hide controls: If the lightbox should have the controls (close button and navigation arrows) hidden by default and shown on mouseover.
    • Controls color: The color of the lightbox controls (close button and navigation arrows).
    • Lightbox animate: The animation parameters of the lightbox effects.
  • Added support for autoplay. A new setting is available called “Autoplay” which can be set to the image display time (in ms) or to 0 to disable it.
  • Added support for image links. Links can now be added to images to be opened when they are clicked.
    A new setting is also available called “Link target” to specify if the image link should be opened in a “New page” or in the “Same page”.
  • Added 2 new settings called “Inside arrow color” and “Outside arrow color” to be able to control which of the default arrow versions are used in each case, either “White” or “Black”.
  • Added 5 new methods that can be called on the front-end through the JS code:
    • open: Opens an image based on the order number supplied.
    • next: Opens the next image of the gallery.
    • prev: Opens the previous image of the gallery.
    • startAutoplay: Starts the gallery autoplay.
    • stopAutoplay: Stops the gallery autoplay.
  • Made an improvement to the admin JS files so that errors from unrelated JS files no longer sometimes stop them from being run properly.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing not all created galleries to show sometimes in the shortcode insert modal.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing not all created galleries to show sometimes in the widget dropdown.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the right navigation arrow not to be positioned properly when the image description was on the side and the arrows on the inside.
  • A series of other small changes and improvements.
1.0 (27 December 2017):
  • Launched.

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