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Magento Social Login Extension - Facebook , Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo

Magento Social Login extension simplifies user registration and sign-in procedure by allowing them to use their social profiles. They can either register via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or Google accounts. Let them sign-up with their emails as well and recover the account if they forget the password. Magento login extension brilliantly updates user credentials from their social accounts so they don’t have to do it manually.

Empower Users to Quickly Login through Social Accounts

Magento Facebook login extension allows the users of your website to register or login with the help of their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo. Set them free from remembering username and passwords, or frequently changing passwords as a security measure.

Configure Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo Login

Magento Social Login extension allows you to integrate Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo for user logins. You can configure each social media network to facilitate users signing in with their preferred network.

Hassle Free User Register with Popup Screen

Users can instantly create an account in the simple popup window. They can opt to register either with their email address or a social media account. Registering for a social media profile makes the registration process a lot easier.

Users can recover their accounts with Forget Password option

Magento Facebook login extension allows your users to easily recover their accounts with a forget password option rather than creating new ones. It allows them to sign-in to their previous accounts and has all the order records, wish-lists, and payment history, etc.

Auto-update User Credentials from Social Media Accounts

Magento Twitter login extension automatically updates user credentials from their social media accounts. The users are no longer required to update images and other details to their accounts as the extension quickly updates it to your online store.