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Magento Shop By Brand & Manufacturer Extension

Add brands to your online store to be easily recognized among massive brand followers by using Magento shop by brand extension. Create a dedicated page for each brand that displays all the relevant products. A featured brand slider ensures captivating display right on the top. You can enable a ‘brands by category’ block for simplifying product navigation. They can look out for brands in the search block as well. Navigation filters further facilitate users in finding a manufacturer they need the most.

Allow customers to shop by Brand or Manufacturer

You can add unlimited brands to your online store and allow your valuable customers to browse products by their favorite brand. Magento shop by brands simplifies shopping for specific manufacturers and suppliers. It takes a click for users to view all the products available in your store by their preferred brands.

Magento Shop By Brand & Manufacturer ExtensionAdd Featured Brands Slider to beautify Brands Display

With Magento brand page extension, you can add an attractive slider to feature top brands above the fold on the brand’s page. It grabs user attention at a glance so that they can slide through the featured brands and click the one they are looking for.

Magento Shop By Brand & Manufacturer ExtensionCreate Dedicated Pages for the Brands you Exhibit

Shop by brand Magento extension equips you to create dedicated pages for all the brands you plan to exhibit for attracting customers. Create a separate page for each brand which displays all the relevant products. Customers can find it helpful in finding all the products from a brand on a single page.

Magento Shop By Brand & Manufacturer ExtensionDisplay Brands by Category in a Captivating Block

You can enable a ‘brands by category’ block just beneath the featured block to facilitate users in easily browsing branded products by store categories. Users can easily browse products by clicking one of the subcategories in the parent categories.

Search Block allows Users to find a Brand by its Name

Magento shop by brand extension allows you to add a search bar to help potential customers easily find brands. The search bar display matching results to the word or phrase the users enter and search. It is a quick help if they are unable to find a specific brand in the featured block.

Magento Shop By Brand & Manufacturer ExtensionAllow Users to Browse Brands by Name Initials

With the help of alphabetical search filter, you can allow users of your website to find brands with their name initials. It helps the users to find a brand by clicking an alphabetical character if they don’t remember its complete name.

Magento Shop By Brand & Manufacturer ExtensionExport Brands to CSV File at a click

Magento shop by manufacturer extension plugin also adds the export feature to download the list of brands, If you need to backup all the brands or display them on another store, you can export them as well to a CSM or XML file.

Additional Features – Shop by Brand Magento Extension

  1. Create unlimited brands
  2. Search filters for browsing brands with most subscribers, new updates, and most products
  3. Add brand name, logo, and contact details on dedicated page
  4. Configure Meta details of brands pages for higher search engine visibility
  5. Select products to brands with a click
  6. Configure slider, navigation, and order settings of brand display
  7. Add SEO friendly URL suffix
  8. Layered navigation