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Magento Product Reviews & Rating Extension with Review Reminder

Magento review extension allows you to display customer reviews and ratings right on the product pages to gain credibility in the eyes of new visitors. It sends auto emails to customers to encourage them rate and review the products they have purchased. Product ratings are calculated to average and displayed prominently with stars. Social share widgets help you improve social exposure of your products.

Allow Customers to Review Products with ‘Add Your Review’ form

Magento product Reviews extension empower your customers to submit their feedback through a simple form. They can submit a brief product review along with a summary, and nickname. The review form also includes product rating with respect to its features and other attributes like price, quality, shopping experience.

Magento Product Reviews & Rating Extension with Review ReminderEnable Customers to Rate Product Attributes Separately

You can allow product rating separately for the attributes like price, quality, or shopping experience to recognize strength and weekness of your store items. For example, a poor price rating may require you to reduce producing pricing to meet customer expectations. You can add more product attributes to rate as well.

Magento Product Reviews & Rating Extension with Review ReminderAuto-Send Emails to Customers About Reviews

Magento Reviews and Ratings extension automatically sends emails to your customers reminding them to submit reviews. it reduces the stress in reaching out to customers and making them share their valuable feedback. Configure email notifications for customers with a personalized message and time delay after purchases.

Magento Product Reviews & Rating Extension with Review ReminderAverage Product Ratings Appear in Stars

All the ratings of a product submitted by customers through a review form are averaged to appear in stars. The captivating rating stars appear just below the product name that attracts user attention in a glance. New visitors can find it helpful to view rating submitted by your existing customers.

Magento Product Reviews & Rating Extension with Review ReminderIncreases Social Exposure with Social Share Widget

Magento testimonial extension have a built-in social share widget that adds social share buttons to each review. It encourages customers to share their reviews to social networks with a click, which eventually increases social exposure of your products.

Magento Product Reviews & Rating Extension with Review ReminderAdd, Edit, or Delete Reviews

You can add reviews on behalf of your valued customers. it allows you to acquire customer feedback and document it yourself. Magento Product reviews extension also empowers you to edit a review if a customer has submitted it by mistake or want to modify it. You always have the right to delete a review if it is not useful for the users.

Additional Features – Magento Review Extension

  1. View and edit all the pending reviews
  2. Approve or disapprove reviews
  3. Enable form popup for ‘Add Your Review’ button
  4. Configure extensive settings for Reviews Plus Sidebar
  5. Enable email notification with customized message and footer content