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Auto Re-Order Products Magento Extension

Auto Re-Order Products Magento Extension

Auto Re-Order Products Magento Extension is an advanced module, designed for the buyers who want to receive the same products after a particular period of time e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, or on a specific date. In order to reorder products from Magento store, shoppers need to visit the previously purchased products section and create re-order for the selected products. All the previously orders are visible in “My Reorder Product” section added in “My Account” Page.

Buyers visit a shopping website, select products, and complete payment. Sometimes, shoppers end up loving a product so much that they need it again and again after a particular interval and this extension makes it possible for them.

With this extension, shoppers need not to go through the same tiresome process – product navigation, product selection, payment processing. Instead, they can choose to click on ‘Reorder’ button and place order for a complete list of products or selected products.

Payment method for future orders will be applicable the one that has been used in the previous product purchase process.


Auto Re-Order Products

Shoppers get an option to visit the website, check previous orders and create re-order for the entire cart products or selected ones.

Mention Re-Order Intervals

Shoppers can easily mention the interval when they need products with re-order feature. For example, they can order the same products daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly or on any specified date.

Check Order Status

Store admin can easily check the status (activate/deactivate) of orders placed through the ‘re-order’ feature and also to check the list of re-orders created by customers from backend.

Cron Job

Cron job runs daily in the backend to check re-order status. If any re-order request found, it will create auto reorder for that day.

One-Click Reorder

This extension allows shoppers to create re-orders with a single click. In order to add some more product, customer can create another auto reorder.