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Android Flat UI Template

Android Flat UI Template

As an Android developer, you probably have a lot of problems applying a design for your application. Here we provide three themed apps. Using a flat concept for making the application look perfect. You have a wide range of custom controls in this template. Perfect for your needs.


  • 7 Predefined colors (Green, Blue, Lilac, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow)
  • 6 Custom UI Controls (Edit Text, Button, Radio Button, Check Box, Seek Bar, Progress Bar)
  • 3 Themed lists
  • 3 Template Applications (List Navigation, Tab Bar Navigation, Sliding Menu Navigation)
  • Custom effects for browsing master-detail data.
  • Swipe Functionality
  • Check List with animation.
  • Load custom font from resources and apply it for all UI elements.


This is a template and it is meant to help you make your app look more appealing. It is not a fully functional app. The sample projects are included to show you how to apply the design and demonstrate some useful technics. And you can use theme as a base template for your own applications. This will reduce the time to start up and make you focus more on the idea it self.


Android Flat UI Template

Special Thanks

For Adrian for his Square UI Free – User Interface Kit

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Last Update 2014-03-06
Created 2013-02-26
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